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這是我一向最傳統而保守的 Android Apps Backup 方法,就是趁刷 ROMs 時把整個 Apps List 紀錄下來, Samsung Galaxy SII 上的 Apps List ( 連結直接到 Market 下載 ),而「」後的連結是這裡曾紹提及的 Android 舊文章:

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4 Responses

  1. onefamily says:

    Dear Tere:

    Two apks I am using and quite useful

    Swiss Army Knife for Android a free download from the Android Market


  2. terewong says:

    好啊,交流下,我都係拋磚引玉。我見有個 apps 可以 backup 手機上的 market installed apps list ,唔駛好似我咁逐個加番條 links。

    App List Backup

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