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不知道是好是壞,每隔一段時間便會追隨著 Cyanogen 更新他炮制出來的 CyanogenMod,畢竟我買 Nexus One 也是因為有 CM ROM 替換吧。在當 Froyo FRF72 推出更新的時候,CyanogenMod 同時正式發佈 Kang Central Station V5.0.8,正準備替 Nexus One 進行 5.0.8 upgrade 之前,就利用 AppBrain.comMyList (  參考文章:安裝Android軟件新體驗 ),借用 AppBrain 的 Apps Sync 把軟件清單紀錄好,待 Nexus One upgrade 至 5.0.8 之後,不會漏掉一些好用的軟件。

terewong’s NexusOne

Phone: Nexus One
114 total, 102 free (89%), 12 paid (10%), 94MB total size, $43.91 total price

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8 Responses

  1. Buyfei says:

    Hi Tere, is a HK movie site showing the latest ticketing info such as time, cinema and seating plan.

    Its tailored for mobile devices, can be accessed thro any browsers on smartphone. Moreover, there is an Android app developed by AndroidBaby is available on Market for users with Android 1.6 or above.

    Worth to try! Cheers!

  2. Debbie says:

    你怎麼能安裝這麼多 App, 我只裝了不到 30 個 App, 已用了大部份 ROM, 現只剩下 50 MB, 有何高見解決 memory 問題?

  3. terewong says:

    Root your N1 and activate the Apps2SD feature, then all apps will be installed in your SD that free out the RAM in the phone

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi, Tere,

    After reading your techincal article regarding ROM flash on Nexus One, I have the following questions before rooting my Nexus One.

    1) Where can I get the most reliable guideline for rooting Nexus One ?

    2) I have read one of your article regarding repairing of the mini-USB of your Nexus One at HTC centre, HTC still provide warranty for the “hardware” even if your Nexus One is rooted ?

    3) I am not familiar with “Cyanogen”, I have just read an article about this, it should be a custom ROM for overwriting the Google ROM, am I right ? Apart from this, I know nothing about “Cyanogen”. It is even better than Froyo ? If I have flashed the ROM to Cyanogen, am I able to change back to Google Froyo ? If it is not, am I able to upgrade to 2.3, 2.4 etc when the lastest version is issued by Google ?

    4) May I know what is using on your Nexus One ?



  5. terewong says:

    1) 我第一次 root 機的文章中「Root了N1更新成CM5.0.4.1」,有把相關教學連結紀錄著,你去看看
    2) 我壞的不是 mini-USB,是「Nexus One 裡頭的 micro-SD 咭槽壞掉了」 ,HTC 沒有檢查軟件,也有幫我弄好咭槽
    3) Cyanogen ROM 比較穩定,到他的 forum 看,他有提供 N1 的 Stable ROM 和 Experimental ROM 的。
    4) 我剛剛在七月初由 CM ROM 5.0.8 轉去 CM ROM 6.0 RC1

  6. Debbie says:

    Thanks for your reply. ^^

  7. Ahmug says:

    今日有個免費的andriod apps 可以讓你查詢即時航班資訊,航班有任何情況還會即時以sms通知你。對旅客有好大幫助~

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