Nexus One Desktop Dock

幫人家訂購的 Nexus One Desktop Dock (US$45/~HK$360) 到手,忍不著偷偷的打開看一眼,原來它個子細小,造工質感也不錯,底部有防滑貼紙,原來它是靠接觸 Nexus One 機身底部的三個金屬接觸點充電,有點像室內無線電話一般,插入及抽出都好順暢。我還以為好像是 Palm Treo 昔日的充電座般,會露出一個插頭出來。

反轉 N1 Dock 看一看水牌,原來它還提供 1A Output 充電,夠曬力水,不過我部 Nexus One 必須使用機套,暫時都唔駛諗。

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2 Responses

  1. terewong says:

    @Jayno Since Nexus One was selling at online based platform, I’m not sure whether you can find it in HongKong, at least you can get one from HTC at US$59.9 now… (not worth at nearly HK$500 for a docking indeed)

  2. Jayno says:

    我想問問而家係香港可以買到嗎? 定係一定要係WEBSITE訂?

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